My Story

cropped-lucy-and-milly.jpgI spent just under four years living in London working all over the city in Sales and Marketing and spent a number of years at the V&A Museum in West London.

I am a blogger of culture, home, accessories, trips away, books and all things explorer!

I decided to turn my focus to blogging one wintery evening whilst sipping soy coco at my parents house when snowed in back in January. I couldn’t keep a diary, so I thought I would try my hand at blogging and its been uphill ever since! I am so humbled to find over the last few months my blog posts have inspired thousands of you to get crafting and exploring the world around us, it is great to see. 

I have an incredibly supportive boyfriend who accepts my endless hours blogging away and dragging him off all over the country to various places, exploring, trying weird and wonderful restaurants and cafes. I really couldn’t have started this without him and he’s been a fantastic assistant on photoshoots, which I am eternally grateful for.


My experience comes from years of study, working in large corporate companies, PR and working for the BBC. I have wonderful network of friends and clients, I have been approached to write for Country Life Magazine, the BBC and other local prints. 

If you are interested in planning an event, would like an influential speaker or advice and help on how to improve social media, I would be more than happy to help, please fill in the contact form you can find at the top of this page!

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